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hahah amen

A hilarious situation showing a giant spider that is sitting right next to the emergency button. An ironic caption says that in case of emergency no one will want to push the button because of the bug.

I hate those people

Spiders shadow outside of Camping Tent, Let's go camping , they said, It will be FUN they said, Oh wow.stay in the tent as horrifying as that sounds or run for your life and hope it isn't a man-eating jumping spider?

I would die

What’s That Thing In My Shoe?

So. a black widow egg sac? I can handle this.WITH FIRE! If spiders learn to fly I am leaving the planet!



Its a hula hoop

I thought it said "I spent 5 minutes staring at this. Then I realized it WASNT a Hula hoop" so I spent 5 minutes staring at it trying to figure out what else it could be.

Of all the Barney bashing sings ever made, I like this one the most.

Drunk Barney song "I love booze, Booze loves me, Holy shit I have to pee, I'm so smashed I'm falling on the floor, Alcoholic Dinosaur.

"God, if you are listening ... Please make it a multiple choice test."

Funny pictures about Please make it a multiple choice. Oh, and cool pics about Please make it a multiple choice. Also, Please make it a multiple choice.



The longer I stare, the harder I laugh. Truth!

Children, not even once…

I just want to know who the hell told them babies smell like flowers