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    Paging Christopher Columbus! Paging Ireland! They mock because they do not understand. Which just fries me.

    • Maureen Zieber

      You know you're a history major/graduate when you don't understand why anyone would find the title of the book funny. ORRR you find it funny, but really want to read it anyway.

    • Lisa Hawthorne

      So I don't actually know if it's worth reading, but....the social influence of the potato?!? Come on--it's at least worth looking through for a laugh!

    • Anne Sofie Juul

      This book may seem a bit funny today - but nevertheless it's true that the potato had a massive impact on history and on our society -e.g. in terms of avoiding starvation...

    • Feline related moniker Dutch Surname

      *blush* Currently reading a book on the history of cod- I would *so* read one about potatoes... Written by Samwise Gamgee, a Hobbit from the Shire <--- pinning for that comment. Perfect.

    • ginger strip

      As a history major I have tried time and time again to teach others the importance of the potato. Everyone thinks im crazy... Except other historians, who don't really get why people think this book is funny. Remeber. The spud changed the world.

    • Raven Blaise

      I'm such a history buff that this is a book I would read. The potato actually plays a huge part in how the world turned out

    • Let Me Wine a Little

      Vodka is made from potatoes. Maybe they should re-title the book. Because I'm willing to guess the History and Social Influence of Vodka would fly off the shelf.

    • nickel jh

      the history and social influence of the potato. I really want to read this book.

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