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Cassette Tape Lamps

in a back alley of cheap brick buildings behind the bus station there's a former speakeasy turned open mic club and it's dimly lit like this with hundred of these cassette tape lamps.

SUPER cool lampshade made of vintage slides.  This one says they must be kept out of sunlight or will fade quickly...  still dreaming of something cool to do with old family slides...

Make your own Kodachrome slide lamp shade - but it will be hard to top Shane's

Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled: Neat Projects Made With Old Photo Slides April Coe

Cassette Tape Room Dividers

Massive Cassette Closet: Upcycle This! 13 Things Made from Cassette Tapes

Lots of amazing cassette reuse art

Cassette tapes pendant light - Go Green

¡Madre mía! , ya casi no me acordaba de que existían ,  ¡que tiempos aquellos! en los que para escuchar música teníamos que llevar a cuesta...

Image of Cassette tapes floor lamp

For all of us born before the 1980s, here is a cool idea to upcycle all those old tapes you still have but forgotten in this age of digital data's. Why not turn them into a nice lamp ?  That’s what the guys at Transparent House are doing with their old cassettes. Each lamp is made from dozens o... #Design, #Lamp, #Light, #Tape, #Upcycled

Diy: Upcycled Tape Lamp

For all of us born before the here is a cool idea to upcycle all those old tapes you …

Fucking Good Ideas

old cassette tape lamps!

Table lamp made of cassette tapes ... if only Trey would let me use ours.  lol!

dutchdzine: Cassette Tapes Lamp ‘Cassette Tapes Lamp’ by OOO My Design is a wonderful lamp that uses all those discarded cassette tapes.

Hegyekben áll otthon a magnókazetta? Ne dobd ki, aranyat ér! - Ripost

Hegyekben áll otthon a magnókazetta?


Cassette Tape Crafts

I am simply loving this cassette tape recycled planter that could also be used as a mere decoration piece. Here we have used it as a smart lighting installation. Just place it in your drawing room to make some real impact.

Суперкреативное использование старых вещей | MixStuff

cassette tapes upcycled into light fixtures!

Cassette tape lamp.

I Made You a Mix Tape Cassette Table Lamp

Cassette tape lamp.

Now, if I had enough unusual, or special cassettes, could I talk Michael into hot gluing them together to make this cassette_tape_lamp?

Cassette Tape Lamps: "The designers make each lamp from dozens of individual cassette tapes, arranged into visually appealing patterns.

Cassette tape chair!


Cassette Chair: Brilliant Use Of Recycled Cassettes

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