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ust one of MANY gorgeous window box pins on Judith Larmore's board! Worth following!

Wisteria via Most Beautiful Gardens Zone 4: Hardy is your dream plant characteristic, the most of your summers with these resilient and resplendent vine beauties. Impressive Grower: Morning Glory "Crimson Rambler" Shade Tolerant: Alpine Clematis Sun Loving: Chocolate Vine Best Flowers: Clematis Cherokee

I absolutely love this combined cottage/farm house/french country look. The wisteria reminds me of lavender. The only think it needs is a breezeway connecting the carriage house/garage to the main house.

Oh my gorgeousness! I'll take one for my garden please! Cottage-Style Landscape Design [ ] #backyard #wainscoting #design

Purple Wisteria Tree (grows in zone 9) • Drought tolerant, so you don't have to water • Pest & disease resistant- no spraying! • Fragrant blooms you can smell from a distance

Amazing topiaries #topiary

Beautiful Wisteria....

Serenity - what a spot

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Red climbing roses- lovely entry, via

Imagine the scent of the lemon blossoms

Wisteria on white fence..I really like this idea...


Many a gardener is frustrated by a climbing rose not blooming the first season. Here is why and what you can do about it.

wisteria gazebo


Heavyweight Wisteriashow less A strong framework, such as that of this solidly built pergola, is needed to support the weight of the elegant, but vigorous, wisteria