Bronze cherub from Titanic's grand staircase (recovered from the ship)

Recovered Cherub from one of the staircases.


A chandelier hangs near where the Grand Staircase once was

Titanic by the numbers

grand staircase

First case forward grand staircase, level 3.

The Titanic

Titanic Grand Staircase Cherub Underwater! The real reason the Titanic sank, weeping Angels

How the Titanic Worked

These brass letters spell "C dec" and were originally located in the first class grand staircase to direct passengers to the C level. The "k" was never recovered. This artifact has never been on public display.

The Parisian cafe on Titanic

Binoculars found in the crow's recovered from the RMS #Titanic wreck site. Couldve saved the ship if they would've had the key!

How the Titanic Worked


Hand carved mahogany clock on the staircase.


All first class accommodation had access from one deck to another either by the two grand staircases or three elevators. The grand staircases were decorated with a blend of late 17th century English style and Louis XIV; oak paneling covered the walls. #FirstClassFriday #Titanic

A postcard found near Titanic's wreck site

A weighted pivot ensured that this silver lamp would remain upright in all weather. For Titanic passengers who wanted to read in bed, an eye cast into the base of the lamp allowed for convenient placement upon a hook on the wall. This gimbal lamp was recovered from the Expedition that took place in 2000.

SILVER TITANIC CHOCOLATE POT: This beautiful silver chocolate pot was recovered in 1987 and painstakingly conserved to stabilize the silver surface. This pot is an amazing piece of Titanic history. It was used to serve hot drinks (chocolate and café au lait) in the first-class restaurants aboard Titanic.