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True, true, and true again. After all the rain up here this past spring, I decided to give up and go get soaked with my friends!! And let me tell you, it WAS great!!

  • Urvi C

    Baylee Garlett .....rain.....we need that....other wise this would have been done like ten thousand years ago

  • lílα mαlσч ♡

    b r i a n n a ❁ this reminded me of how we got soaked this summer while helping mr. Sealy

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Why couldn't I still have a bestfriend. I miss you why can't it be the same again. Why can't you admit what you did. Why can't it all be good again...???

  • Genny Dionne

    oh!!ha ha;] never thought of that.whos gonna want 2 call some wierd #?lol:)

  • Kya Leanne

    Hey Genny Meir Dionne you might not want to leave your phone # on here. You might start getting really weird phone calls if some was to get a hold of that #.

  • Kya Leanne

    Yeah I wouldn't ever leave Phone #s, Email Addresses, Mailing Addresses or Your Real Name (if you dont already have it on your profile, witch is totally fine) but I wouldn't.

  • Kya Leanne

    Ok I really dont know why it put Meir on when I typed your name, because I deleted my comment and rewrote it and it did it again. No idea. Lol

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Awe This Reminds Me Of My Best Friend!!! Caitlyn.|In|Washington| We need to take a picture like this! Its so fun!

Best Friend Quotes And Sayings | best friend-Friendship Quotes SO true!!

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// Best Friends No Matter the Distance and Miles in Between. Love you!! Jake Donohoe Donohoe Donohoe n' Kylie Reiss

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True friends

jUSTINE && i ♥ We have been best friends for over 10 years now..we may not speak to each other all the time..&& we both are mothers and have busy lives..we will always be TRUE FRIENDS ♥♥

Best Friends Are People Who Make Your Problems Their Problems, Just So You Don't Have To Go Through Them Alone