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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling...their kids would be gorgeous..

High Hopes in Velvet Ropes. Love the photo filter and the actors. They would make an adorable couple.

Ryan & Emma... Luckiest woman alive. Actually scratch that.. Eva Mendez is the luckiest woman alive because she gets to sleep with him in real life.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for 2013 movie "The Gangster Squad". He wears the gangster look well I must say!!!!!!!!

Stone and Gosling

if ryan gosling wasn't my boyfriend, i'd want him to be with emma stone forever

I thought I was in love with these two before and then I saw Crazy Stupid Love and now I know I am!

crazy, stupid, love. i've never been so jealous of emma stone.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Anyone else think Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone should actually go out together?

How can you resist?! - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone