2 color brioche stitch in the round. fantastic!

An untraditional stranding method in order to disrupt the pattern on wrong side of the fabric as little as possible

Dos agujas: punto inglés en dos colores

It only takes 2 pattern rows to add these pretty scallops to your knitting project.

hosta by Nancy Marchant - brioche stitch in two colors

Home Slippers free knitting pattern for slippers made from folded flat knitting | Slippers knitting patterns at http://intheloopknitting.com/free-slipper-knitting-patterns/

crochet strawberry stitch | Crochet & More: Strawberry Stitch Tutorial! Even have links to videos... this is sooooo awesome

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Gorgeous and easy free eyelet rib knitting stitch pattern. Abbreviations: k= knit p= purl yf = yarn forward k2tog = knit two stitches together sl = slip psso = pass the slipped stitch over Multiples of 7 plus 2 Row 1: p2 * k5, p2; rep from * to end Row 2: k2, *…

The Long-Slip Textured is no common stitch. This pattern creates a thick but very soft fabric.

Two-Colour Brioche Stitch | Happy Seamstress

Beautiful stitch pattern

Technique | Joining the round

how to knit brioche with 2-3-4 colours

How to knit bamboo stitch

St. John's Wort is a gorgeous traditional lace knitting stitch that is easy and fun to knit up, perfect for shawls and other lacy items! Abbreviations: k = knit p = purl sl = slip a stitch without working it from the left needle to the right one psso = pass the slipped stitch over…

I love this! Instructions always say "weave in your ends" but they don't ever suggest ways to do that.

A Better Bind Off Tutorial

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