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If they have to make up lies about you.... I feel pity for those who lie and even sorrier for those who choose to believe the liar

Narcissists are the epitome of insecurity, they think they hide it but, if you observe one long enough you will see it.

I can handle just about anything, but being lied to is where I draw the line. I would rather be alone and miserable than with the man of my dreams when I cant trust him.

positive-quotes favorite ~ ~ ~ this is so true. I've seen it time and again ~ Insecure people take advantage of their positions, intimidate subordinates. Be your best self in spite of what others do or say. The more u act like me the more i know your insecure and jealous

Insecure People Seek Attention. Confident People are Given Attention without Trying.

the lying ass bitch likes to first, make up lies to make herself look like the victim. then if that doesnt work, she likes to take things that actually happened and only tell part of the story to make herself look like the victim.

If you are going to make up lies about me at least make them interesting

Pathetic lives create pathetic lies. People who create drama are either jealous or unhappy with themselves.

I'm sorry your life sucks so badly that you need to make up BS that no one believes.

I am better, but because I do not lie, cheat, steal, deceive, sacrilege or falsely accuse