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Urban Office

Building S

Sustainable Building

Francisco Debuts

San Francisco debuts North America’s ‘greenest urban office building’, uses 60% less water and 32% less energy than most similar Bldg...

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Cor Oppenheim

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Cor, Miami - one of the most #Sustainable (AND beautiful) #Building in the world; from

Building Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherlands

Netherlands Green

Ucx Architects

Architects Rotterdam

Architects Apartment

Urban Cactus

Cactus Rotterdam

Designs Urban

Urban Cactus building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by UCX Architects

Office 15

Urban Office

Head Office

Urban Entrepreneur

Architecture Whooop

Arthur Tintu

Building Stands

Building Urban

Socialist Architecture

L.S.G. HEad Office Building / Urban Office

ArchDailyfrom ArchDaily

Eegoo Offices / dEEP Architects

Offices Architecture

Beijing Architecture

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DEEP ARCHITECTS, EEGOO OFFICES BEIJING: and their bathrooms are pink! amazing architecture design ideas

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1997 Frank

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Frank Gehry

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Gallery of Jean Nouvele's 100 11th Ave in NY - 1

Architecture Jean

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Futuristic Skyscraper

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Jean Nouvele’s 100 11th Ave in NY

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Gallery of Silo 468 / Lighting Design Collective - 22

468 Lighting

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Silo 468 / Lighting Design Collective

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Koidula apartment building

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Yamaha Ginza / Nikken Sekkei

Sekkei Architecture

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Yamaha Building, Ginza Tokyo Japan. Architects: Nikken Sekkei LTD / HOZUMA CHINO+HIROYUKI SHIRAI+TAKEYOSHI SUZUKI

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Guangdong Museum / Rocco Design Architects

Rocco Architects

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Rocco Architecture

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Architects Museum

Guangdong Museum by Rocco Architects, great use of a center atrium with light diffusion screens

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18 Kowloon East / Aedas

East Aedas

Aedas Hong

Aedas Studio5555

Firm Aedas

Kowloon East

Kowloon China

Storey Kowloon

Aedas China

28 Storey

18 Kowloon East in Hong Kong by Aedas

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Gallery of Urbanprem Minami Aoyama / Yuko Nagayama & Associates - 9

Associates Aoyama

Associates Project

Yuko Nagayama Associates

Associates Photo

Facade Curves

Yuko Nagayama Architecture

Urbanprem Tokyo

Architecture Facade

Amazing Architecture

Urbanprem Minami Aoyama / Yuko Nagayama & Associates

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Gallery of ArcelorMittal Orbit / Anish Kapoor - 21

Cool Places Spaces

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2012 London Olympics

London 2012

East London

Park London

London Edition

ArcelorMittal Orbit / Anish Kapoor

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Gallery of The Factory / Ricardo Bofill - 24

Garden Architecture

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Dystopia Architecture

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Architecture Tiiimeeee

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Apartment Building Architecture

The Factory - Ricardo Bofill


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Infographic: LEED

Leed Infographic

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Leed Buildings

Green Buildings

Buildings Council


Zentro Office

Gonzalez Cat

2012 Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez

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Office Entrance

Green Entrance

| P | Zentro Office Building - La Molina, Peru - Gonzalez Moix Arquitectura

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Living Wall. A lovely look for a building.

Buildings Original

Green Castle

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Sustainable Living

Original Green

Green Buildings

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Serious Conversation

Lovable Buildings | Original Green. One of the unheralded aspects of green

Germany Buildings

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Foster Commerzbank

Commerzbank Tower

Skyscrapers Architecture

Architecture Engineering

Modern Architecture

Commerzbank Headquarters | Projects | Foster + Partners