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How to Paint a Door on Hinges

How to paint the door...and NOT the hinges. Haha, I'm pretty good at painting but I may try this.

Painting a straight line at the ceiling trick

How to paint a straight line at the ceiling like a pro without using any tape. Paint your ceiling first, wrapping the corner. Take your ubiquitous 5-in-1's back edge and gently score a mark. Just use the corner as the naturally flowing guide. Using a 3 inch brush loaded with paint, just cover the line.

DIY Interior Design Ideas - if you purchased a house and you knew you'd be living there for a long time, adding raw old barn wood to your stairs could add a shabby-chic look! (Obviously sanding them and making them a bit less "splintery" would be good.)

New Uses for Aluminum Foil

Use aluminum foil instead of painter's tape over awkward fixtures. Why haven't I done this?!!

Drip dry without the mess... do this for rain/snow season. What a beautiful way to dry boots and so inexpensive :) I wanna do this!

Here is the beautiful colorful fall season, we slowly get ready for the cold season, with a lot of time spent inside, in our warm and cosy home. And when the weekend approaches and we have plenty of spare time I think we should dedicate our weekend to the Plastic project, a material which imperially needs to be recycled because of its long time degradation process, naturally degraded in 1 million years (!!!) . And is it not true we have all the reasons in the world to keep our planet as…

Staining Oak Cabinets an Espresso Color {DIY Tutorial}

DIY Mamas: Staining - The EASY Way with Professional results! -- General Finishes Gel Stain and Poly.