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Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)- BSB ♥

"Show me love"- Robyn

"Supergirl"- Krystal Harris

"Another Dumb Blonde"- Hoku

Hello World by Belle Perez. Love love LOVE this song.

"More to Life"- Stacie Orrico. I really love this song. In a lot of ways I think everyone feels this way...or at least I hope they do. There's so much more to life than the way the majority of people choose to live it.

"Perfect Day"- Hoku

"Up Up Up"- Rose Falcon

"Mamma Mia" remake- The A*Teens

"The Sign"- Ace of Base

Hilary Duff - "So Yesterday"

"Why Not"- Hilary Duff..If you lose the moment, you might lose a why not?

"Stop"- Spice Girls.

"Happy Boys and Girls"- I still listen to Aqua...sue me...this was an awesome CD lol. I know like every song

"It's the Things you Do"- Five. I remember watching this concert at a sleepover at my cousins house lol.