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Gene Tierney. this is b 's hairdo you have hot rollers. You could roll your hair in some big wouldn't need many or you could do a couple big curls and then take those front pieces and roll them around your finger an bony pin them!

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The "Love Your Lines" Project Promotes Body Positivity One Stretch Mark At A Time

The Love Your Lines Instagram account was started by two mothers who wanted to share and celebrate the stories of real women’s stretch marks. | The "Love Your Lines" Project Promotes Body Positivity One Stretch Mark At A Time- By capturing stretch marks, the Love Your Lines project hopes to encourage women and men to embrace the “imperfections” in our bodies.

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000). Austrian-born American telecommunications engineer and actress. Was one of the most beautiful woman in cinema's history, and the inventor of the first form of spread spectrum. In one of the most astonishing transformations of modern time, Hedy temptress evolved from the big screen to engineering goddess, and she invented a technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping for wireless communications, still used today for GPS and Wi-Fi technologies.

I told a woman at a restaurant she had the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen. She was probably in her 60s. She cried and said no one has called her beautiful in over 20 years

Traditional Maldivian. Photo by Shifaz Huthee
“One did not simply put on a Dhivehi Libaas. It was a symbol. The outspoken celebration of a girl becoming a woman. To wear one was to show pride in, and embrace one’s feminine-hood. 
Worn only on special occasions like your wedding ceremony or in the presence of royalty, boavalhu elhi libaas was the ultimate image of beauty and perfection among Maldivians.”

umcasteloemportugal: “Very lovely young girl. So pretty that I would hesitate between her and a lovely boy ! One friend of mine would say “she’s so pretty that she would deserve to be a boy ! ”