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DRAMA GAME ~Last Candy Bar on Earth~ Players sit in a circle. In the middle is a candy bar. One at a time, the players must go around the circle explaining why they need the candy bar. The more imaginative the answers, the better! Optional: at the end, the group votes for the person who gets the candy bar. Hold it aside until the end of class.

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Scarf Characters~ Ideally, you would assemble a bin of scarves for this game. One at a time, players choose a scarf, choose a way to wear the scarf and go up in front of the class and give a character name and movement using the scarf as inspiration. For example, one player may use the scarf as a super-hero cape, while another becomes a housewife, turning the scarf into an apron. Each player must come up with an unique idea!

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Sound Effects~ Two players onstage. One person is given an ordinary everyday activity (such as brushing his teeth) to pantomime. The second person makes sound effects to accompany the scene! For more inspiring drama ideas and lesson plans for children and teens, visit www.dramanotebook....

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Experts~ Two players onstage. One is a reporter, the other is an expert in a specific field. The reporter draws a topic out of the hat and begins interviewing the expert who must pretend to be an expert by making up things about the topic. For more inspiring drama ideas and lesson plans for children and teens, visit www.dramanotebook....

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Hypnotist~ Several players in chairs and one 'hypnotist.' The hypnotist improvises a relaxation exercise designed to lull the players into an hypnotic state, and then issues a series of ‘commands’ that the players must carry out while seated and with their eyes closed. Before every suggestion, the hypnotist counts to three and snaps his fingers. If he DOESN’T, the players who move anyway are ‘out,’ because they were not truly hypnotized!

Exit slips. Each student has a number.

love the creativity process!

Activities: An Adverb Acting Game I do this, and my kids always love doing it (even the ones who think they are too cool most of the time) #adverbs #grammar

What a great way to start critiques early and make sure they are positive!

drama games ideas These games are excellent!

Art Quote Famous Artist Degas typography by theartofobservation

Organized Chaos: 1-5th Grades -- Stop Motion Animation (Week 1)

Color Theory Worksheet (featuring Roy G. BIV printout art lesson assessment elementary 4th 5th grade sketchbook by justine

Printing - Patterns The children use erasers and watercolor markers to make relief prints with surprising results. For ages 9 to 13. Plan 2 to 3 sessions.

Only one you slab fish! This was an awesome collaboration but love the idea of doing it as individual project too. Have each student also creat wave background on cardboard perhaps?

How to organize and store art lessons for home or school. Art Organization tips from Deep Space Sparkle

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons

Artist worksheet

Thomas Elementary Art: Art Show 2014 is in the Books!

Clay Coil Trivet Inlay (Pre coil pot project with inlay of glass)- too cute!!!

Art Teaching Portfolio Ideas

have kids name their own color tube and illustrate in the paint spot. I love this idea and I know my students would dig it!

Beautiful zentangle

drawing lessons from A lot of different lessons including figure and cartoon, with instructions in many languages.