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Smoke Fairy

Fae Muget

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Midhir and Etain hid in the houses of the Sidhe when Eochain and his men came looking for them. The King ordered Codal of the Withered Beast to take four rods of yew and write Oghams on them; eventually revealing the whereabouts of Midhir and Etain. This resulted in the bloody battle that Midhir had predicted to Etain on the Bay at Inver Cechmaine. After 9 years thousands of Sidhe were slaughtered.


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Like an angel

You already have wings.. All you have to do is fly!!

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Crown of Glory, this would be so pretty during the Christmas season and beyond~❥

fairy tale wishing well.

wow! Angel clouds


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Based on Shakespeare's influence, the Fairy Queen or Queen of the Fairies was a figure from English folklore who was believed to rule the fairies and is is often named as Titania or Mab. In Irish folklore, the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe - and wife of the High King Finvarra - was named Oona (or Oonagh, or Una, or Uonaidh etc). In the ballad tradition of Northern England and Lowland Scotland, she was called the Queen of Elphame.

Dancing Moon Fairies

fairy wings

dreamsinthyme: Dark Lord spread his wings, he looked to the stars and smiled… for he would fly high tonight.