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Pork, Spinach, and Ricotta Manicotti

1.5 hrs to make • Serves 6


1 lb Fennel pork sausage, bulk
1/4 lb Pancetta


1 lb Baby spinach
1 Bay leaf
3 cloves Garlic
4 Garlic cloves, large
4 28-ounce cans Italian plum san marzano tomatoes
1 Onion, large
2 Spanish onions, large
1/2 White onion, small


4 Egg


1 Bechamel sauce
1/2 Recipe basic tomato sauce

Baking & Spices

19 heaping tbsp Flour
3 Kosher salt
1 Pinch Kosher salt
1 Pinch Nutmeg, grated
1 Pinch Red pepper flakes

Oils & Vinegars

1 Olive oil, Extra-virgin
1/4 cup Olive oil, extra-virgin

Bread & Baked Goods

1 Recipe basic crepes


1/2 cup Club soda


6 tbsp Butter
1 1/8 qt Milk
2 cups Parmigiano reggiano, grated
2 cups Ricotta cheese
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