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    Who would have thought an outhouse could be so appealing? Back or side of the shed/cat house?

    ...duh...anger is an emotion ..we all have ..Aggression is a behavior!!!!!!!!!! that you prove you exhibited!! Something you DO! anger is something you feel. Know the difference its not hard, its common sense. outhouse door

    The outhouse...it is what we used while at the cabin at the lake. I remember stumbling around in the dark to get out there when I had to go in the middle of th night.

    Grandpa (Noah) Fletcher used to say that "people should go out to the bathroom and stay in the house to eat; not the other way around like it is now days."

    Outhouse by will139, via Flickr

    Remembering : Some people are nostalgic for outhouses. So much so that they are decorating their bathrooms in outhouse themes and even erecting fake outhouses in their yards to be used as storage sheds.

    gingerbread around playhouse windows

    I remember one of these at grandma's house in the country. (not a pleasant memory.....)

    outhouse...glad we don't have to use these any more! But would be glad to have one if all hell breaks loose...

    Outhouse...but it's cute. I could totally do this with my old outhouse!

    motel chair I love this shed with the old motel chair next to it...I want this...but where could I put it.

    I want an "outhouse" in my yard! (Except it it would be a shed inside!)