“Moon Melon” courtesy of Japan

Pineberries: look like strawberries, taste like pineapples…heaven! -- Can't wait to try these!

e fruit. It has a waxy, golden yellow to green color skin with a complicated flavor combination that includes plums, pineapples, and lemons. (Link)

Sugar Cookie Flowers: Roll a dough ball in colored sugar. Snip it in half with scissors, then snip each half into three petals. Gently spread the petals apart and lay flat.

Great presentation for melon!

Watermelon Pirate Boat - how cute would this be for a pirate birthday party or a kids summer party?

~~Watermelon Salad by Laksmi W~~



Food carving win

I love fruit. Another reason why I can't wait for summer!

Watermelon jello shots!

Large Ice cubes for pitchers. Must remember this for summer.

hilarious! Dundun, dundun, dun, dun, dun, ba-daw!

A real blue strawberry... NOT a photoshop. It's funny, because it's more blue than a blueberry.


Add food coloring to boiling water to color noodles

pinner said, "Blue Berry Biscuits. My wife makes these at least once a month. Such a delicious, easy breakfast. [click for recipe]"

Fruit and cheese display. Love the monogram watermelon.