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  • Kerri Crowley

    Sheldon Cooper Do You Think If I Were Wrong I'd Know It Big Bang Theory

  • Jennifer Class

    Don't you think if I was wrong I'd know it? Big bang theory, Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons

  • Angela Reuber

    Humor funny Sheldon Cooper quote Big Bang Theory

  • Valerie Holt

    Sheldon Cooper is always right ...let's always be able to laugh at ourselves, ok?

  • Loretta Madera

    "Bazinga!" Quote by Dr. Sheldon Cooper

  • lorydagger

    What the best thing about The Big Bang Theory? That its a show about four geeks. Think again, if you still couldn't get it right think twice, until that one name Sheldon Lee Cooper pops into your brain. Sheldon Cooper is just not a regular guy. His IQ is 187, he is politely rude, he is a germophobhic, he is obsessed with his spot and what not!

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One of the best scenes in TBBT. I love Sheldon, his OCD-ness and all his little quirks!