My childhood. laying under large clumps of theses aromatic flower and staring at its huge twisted vines of the bush, childhood memories

White Wisteria Blooms at Longwood Gardens --Wisteria is an absolutely beautiful plant and not that hard to grow!

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curling leaves - fern fronds the love of ferns and shade gardens

Stunning wisteria

wisteria is so beautiful. beautiful flagstone garden path down the fabulous wisteria garden!


(Featured in Werewolf) Parker Westwood is well on her way to qualifying for the US woman's gymnastics team. Determined to be on that podium in red white and b.

Amethyst Falls Wisteria Wisteria frutescens ‘Amethyst Falls’ Strong grower, but not invasive like its Asian cousins. This variety is less vigorous and easier to manage, refraining from choking out trees over time, as some Wisteria do. It flowers sooner, blooming its first season with fragrant, vividly blue flowers in the spring and repeat all summer. Deer, and drought tolerance. Disease-resistant foliage.

Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' Chinese wisteria 'Prolific' Pendant clusters of fragrant, pea-like, bluish-lilac flowers in May and June

Wisteria pergola, fantastic, unfortunately may take up to 6 years to flower :( and very poisonous.

our back yard looks just like this in Wisteria season. oh my gosh, for a lilac and wisteria addict, this is unbelievable!

Ivory  “Desert Rose”

Autumn brown photograph, Succulent plant, Feminine fine art black and white photography

Sunflowers & Lavender

Sunflowers & Lavender

gorgeous Home of the sunflower. sunflowers Sunflower Lavender and Sunflower Fields, Provence, France

flores em penca

Weeping cherry tree--I grew up in Washington DC where cherry trees white and pink single and double and weeping are everywhere--so beautiful--they began as a gift from the Japanese government. The annual Cherry Blossom festival is a thing to see!