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According to Horst Dittrich, an SS man who was a defendant in a subsidiary trial at Dachau, and a witness for the prosecution at the main Buchenwald trial, Russian Commissars were killed by a shot fired through a slit in the wall of a medical examination room set up in the horse stable at Buchenwald. This horse stable had originally been built for Ilse Koch, who loved to ride horses, to the accompaniment of music played by an SS orchestra.

Con Allen Ginsberg a New York durante la registrazione di Combat Rock, in cui il poeta beat è presente con un cameo nella canzone Ghetto Defendant

Allen Ginsberg, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones not long after the Clash had recorded Allen for their track 'Ghetto Defendant,' released the following year on Combat Rock. New York City, December 19, 1981. Photo: Hank O'Neal