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  • Jeff Smith

    For Ottawa kids in the 1980's, it was the Adidas gym bag. Most guys I knew had this bag – in combinations of red/blue, blue/dark blue, yellow/blue, brown/white and the elusive neon yellow/bold royal blue.

  • Carrie Horth

    The Adidas Bag! I dont think you were allowed to attend my high school without one of these lol

  • Melanie H

    The Adidas Bag! This was THE school bag to have in 1982

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P.E.: gotta love this--50 minute class period...10 minutes to "suit up," 20 minutes to do whatever, 10 minutes to change back (totally avoiding the showers whenever possible) ...class over

My mom claims this was the best 40 bucks she ever spent. It certainly kept us kids occupied (and outdoors!) for hours at a time.

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