George V and family

Princess Mary with the King George and Queen Mary. King George V was czar's cousin.

King George & Queen Mary

Vintage postcard of King George VI

U.K. Queen Mary, King George V's wife

1911 ~ King George V and Queen Mary on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Souvenir of the Coronation of King George VI of Britain, May 12, 1937; pictured from left to right underneath King George: Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Elizabeth, the Queen Mum.

Princess Mary with her 1st son, George, her father, King George V, and grandmother, a rather frail looking Queen Alexandra, the Queen Mother.

Queen Elizabeth with her father, King George VI❤

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with their daughters

King George VI & Queen Elizabeth

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth, and Princess Margaret Rose on George VI's coronation day

King George V, 1895: George, a grandson of Queen Victoria and cousin to Tsar Nicholas II, was given the title Duke of York in 1892. A year later he had married Princess Mary of Teck. Together they lived quietly in York Cottage at Sandringham. By the age of 30, he had young boys, Edward and Albert.

King George VI with Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth, 1947

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