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  • Marie Smith

    diy firepit for $30 - back patio idea

  • Lala Flórez

    Amazing Firepit Ideas For Inspired You With Building A Stacked Fossill Stone Fire Pit In Beckyard On Cute Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Jo Vaughn

    30 dollar, easy DIY fire pit Our weekend project! Love This idea

  • Natalee Watkins

    diy firepit for $30 - Great idea. I really really want a fire pit :)

  • Stephanie Gingerich

    Idea for a backyard fire pit

  • Sirrah Medeiros

    DIY Fire Pit for less than $30 Find a friend who has an old firepit they don't want anymore or get one at a garage sale and use the bowl from it. Buy some cheap garden stones at the hardware store for about a $1.20 a piece - about 25 should be enough. Build a base with the stones about 3 layers high and put the firepit bowl in the center. Whala a great firepit for your back yard patio. Fabulous idea since I can't build it in the yard!

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DIY Fire Pit how cool would this be @Daniel Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Armstrong

Indoor or outdoor fire pits are a beautiful way to get everyone enjoying the outdoors and the camp fire experience all while never leaving home!

DIY Fire Pit: I'm repinning this again because we just bought similar bricks at home depot to make our own firepit! Ours will be slightly bigger, as we got the 12" stones instead of the 8" pictured here. And since we got the bigger stones, ours cost $45, instead of the $30 this blogger paid, but I think it's worth it for the bigger fire pit!

DIY ya go, Virginia Kraljevic Prewitt. This looks like a fairly easy DIY firepit. I thought you might be interested.

Love this firepit idea! All gravel, no concrete needed... Maybe surround the graveled area w larger rocks or brick to keep gravel from spilling onto the grass. So easy and way more affordable!

DIY firepit $30. Oh yes! This is going on our porch for sure!

DIY Firepit This took 52 blocks plus pebbles and sand. The blocks are $1.55 at lowes for a total of $80 before the other materials

love fire pits...cute stumps with cushions, although the stumps alone would look more natural, maybe make custom cushions

Ideas for the Sampson's firepit