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  • Brenda Madge

    Comic by Natalie Dee: the most compelling arguement yet for going outside

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Yellow Lighthouse in Denmark

I hate that

...and I yell, "This is my Jam!"


People mistake your silence for arrogance. | 20 Reasons It Sucks To Be An Introvert

All the time.

There is so much truth to this.... haha

Funny Pictures of The Day | Judgement

So true

Time flies. Except when you’re holding a plank.

All the time

Enough said.

This must be why I love them


That's why I usually just roll them….

The daily struggle

Village Bath Lip Lickers Licketty Lip Balm flavored lip gloss from the early 80's.


Vivien Leigh c. 1940's. Love her!


Long distance