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    lol ME!!

    NKOTB... haha

    who didn't love MASH?? awww good memories!

    Was my favorite as a kid! I even had the Jem barbies

    I belonged to the Babysitters readers club! Got a new book every month or so!


    Heads up Seven up...the one who tapped you wouldn't make eye contact when you stood up to guess.

    #show #dumbo #disney

    Vintage. 80s Neon Swimsuit. SOOOOOOO wanted a "cut out" bathing suit, but my mom wouldn't let me because they were "too revealing." [chuckles ironically]

    1980's/90's Rave Ultra Hold Hairspray. This was more high school (90's for me), but I think I can slip it in under 1989.

    80's and 90s nostalgia elitestrategies.t... #throwback

    Anklets: The most irritating form of jewelry. Making you constantly feel as though you were being tickled or pestered by a fly. | 34 Pieces Of Super '90s Jewelry

    Glitter Stickers! Boy, we sure had A LOT of stickers back then, didn't we?

    90s stencils, loved it until the marker on the stencil rubbed off on my hand!

    Definitely.... Definitely owned or wanted to own about 80% of the jewelry listed here.

    Puppy in My Pocket | 30 Things From The '90s You've Probably Forgotten About

    Stick began hosting "Nick in the Afternoon" in 1995, enjoying a three-year run until he got canned in '98.

    I would keep my jawbreakers lying out for days in their packaging, sometimes weeks and would still eat them, lol.

    Used these in math class all the time. Oh my goodness, I had completely forgotten about these :')

    90s Nostalgia....I definitely had 90% of these at some point and they were all awesome! Skip-It was my favorite. I use to jog around the block with my Skip-It to see how far I could get.

    Quints! These were the best! Of course 5 babies would always want to eat at the same time so it's reasonable to have the bottles hooked together! (54 other totally awesome toys for girls in the 90s)

    JCPenny catalogs - I would go through it and circle everything I wanted for Christmas... my brother had to star everything he wanted .

    I had one!

    A more exciting day at school: | 38 Things You Will Never Experience Again - The nostalgia in this article is through the roof

    Childhood Nostalgia..seems like we would always end up with a few of these at Christmas time. Probably from Hickory Farms baskets or something.