Queen Anne's Lace and alder tunnels

Fairy Tales by Nature

Beautiful pathway

Mown path through the wildflower meadow at Great Dixter leading to a gate. Buttercups and Ox eye daisies, Leucanthemum vulgare

'Bluebell Path...' by David Mould

So reminds me of the farm. You turn a corner and there's this; as though some gardener had left it there a century ago.

this, we could do on the side of our house which is all mowed now but could have some meadow-like areas. . . it's already filled with daffodils in the spring.

< My brothers.

A secret garden....

Narrow, long brick path leading you somewhere 'Orchard Path at Sunrise', by Carol Casselden http://www.igpoty.com/competition06/winners_beautifulgardens.asp?parent=winners


Step into the unknown. It's what makes it beautiful...exactly what I want in part of my backyard...also with a hidden spot to read :)

the secret garden

Springtime Pathway Through the Woods

Rustic tunnel in an Atlanta garden. Photo by Martha Tate


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Japanese Garden - Garden leading to the tearoom, Kanazawa

This is where the miracles come in - being able to enjoy all of this while sitting outside in a lovely warm sunny garden. #Currysinthekitchen