Queen Anne's Lace and alder tunnels

Beautiful pathway

So reminds me of the farm. You turn a corner and there's this; as though some gardener had left it there a century ago.

Fairy Tales by Nature

mown path

Mown path through the wildflower meadow at Great Dixter leading to a gate. Buttercups and Ox eye daisies, Leucanthemum vulgare

Another type of sanctuary...one doesn't need to be here physically to enjoy it. It takes only a deep relaxation to fly to this place and forget whatever that can be bothering us....

summer flowers along country path // Swede Cottage Farm <3 this //

A secret garden....

< My brothers.

brick path | http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/03/01/international-garden-photographer-year-2013-dennis-frates-penstemon-sunrise_n_2789713.html#slide=2170597

Craggy Gardens, North Carolina photo by robtravis

Secret Garden

I love garden walks. This pic. is not ours, but we have them here at our bed & breakfast, Breeden Inn B&B.; Our walks are winding, with seemingly countless trees and plantings, many century old, that line the walks. The walks connect our four 19th century houses.

Green Path

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secret door

Leafy green tunnel. Secret Garden

You may not know where the path leads but trust it will take you to the right place


Mossy garden (photo by yoke)