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Billy the Elephant is currently suffering at the LA Zoo - his trial starts today. Let's permanently close down the elephant exhibit and stop any more elephants from a life in captivity. The average age of death for L.A. Zoo elephants since 1975 is 22 years. By comparison, a wild elephant’s natural lifespan can be over 70 years.

Menhaden Matter! Little fish like menhaden are of vital importance to marine ecosystems and the ocean food chain. View our infographic to learn more about this fish, and take action by asking the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to restore the Atlantic menhaden population to a healthy level.

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Animal Rights 11x14 Print - Birds Are Meant To Soar

birds are meant to soar

Sea turtles are suffering and dying because of plastic in the ocean - mainly bottles and plastic bags. Please make a small change in your life - reusable bags and no more bottled water - to help these beautiful creatures!

A wonderful short video on what's happening to the shells, sea stars, crabs, oysters, and other shelled marine animals that live in the ocean. You may have heard of it before - Ocean Acidification. Please spend a few minutes to see what is going on with these animals, so you stay educated and can educate others around you. Pay It Forward. :)

hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals die every year from eating discarded plastic