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Billy the Elephant is currently suffering at the LA Zoo - his trial starts today. Let's permanently close down the elephant exhibit and stop any more elephants from a life in captivity. The average age of death for L.A. Zoo elephants since 1975 is 22 years. By comparison, a wild elephant’s natural lifespan can be over 70 years.

Sea turtles are suffering and dying because of plastic in the ocean - mainly bottles and plastic bags. Please make a small change in your life - reusable bags and no more bottled water - to help these beautiful creatures!

A wonderful short video on what's happening to the shells, sea stars, crabs, oysters, and other shelled marine animals that live in the ocean. You may have heard of it before - Ocean Acidification. Please spend a few minutes to see what is going on with these animals, so you stay educated and can educate others around you. Pay It Forward. :)

Every year hundreds of dolphins are killed in Taiji, Japan. These Los Angeles protesters say "Sorry Japan, no Olympics for you if you continue this horrific tradition"

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