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Joy [is a state of well being characterized by positive and pleasant emotions]

The challenges we face are sometimes just too much...

CMYK vs RGB, una chulada que me vuelo del Pinterest de @Annita Paramito

I'm so glad I married someone who dyes my hair, asks to go shopping with me, makes art, cleans my house, does my laundry, grocery shops for me, talks about crushes, buys me gossip magazines, watches the Duggars with me, and hates boy things, like sports and stupid cars! Marriage is bliss.

Hanna Andersson Andersson Wilhelm for some reason....i thought of you. this will be us one day. minus the skateboard? unless you can skateboard!

I want to live here!! "I live on Laughter... We built our home on Laughter...Meet you on Laughter...My favorite place is Laughter!"

While walking in the Chicago neighbourhood of Logan Square Christopher of Colossal happened upon an enormous stack of Monopoly ‘Chance’ cards. After some diligent sleuthing he figured out that the cards were part of an awesome interactive street art installation by an artist/art collective known as Bored, who described their motivation behind this delightful project: