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My life story. Saying this next time someone doesn't like the fact that I stood up for myself, minus the swear word. ;)


Bad parents breed bad children. Our society does NOT need any more of you. Our Government better step it up. If these bad a$$ parents won't hold their kids responsible for their bad behavior, then, the Government better step in, or our American Society will pay a high price, for the seeds we sow


..Uhhhhh.....yeah.....I did used to worry about my kids...when they had a bad judgement and thought it might be a good idea to get all sassy and then came back to the real world....


Discipline your children now so a Correctional Officer won't have to do it later.


I think this often.... sound familiar???

All these moms are on Pinterest making their own soap and reindeer-shaped treats, and I'm all like 'I took a shower and kept the kids alive.'