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映画ポスター:大魔神怒る Daimajin

Return of Daimajin (Poster) Picture from Giant Monster Movies. Japanese poster for "Return of Daimajin". "Return of Daimajin" is a 1966 Japanese giant monster film directed by Kenji Misumi. It is the second film in the "Daimajin" trilogy.

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Ultraman vs RedKing

Red King II as he appeared with his fight with Gigass and Dorako Red King II vs Dorako Red King.

Godzilla Kaiju (Monsters)

Godzilla Kaiju (Monsters): All of Them!

Godzilla Kaiju (Monsters): All of Them!Just Don't See Him As Godzilla.He Really Looks Cool As An Entirely Different Kaiju)

Warning from Space (1956) via Japan

Warning from Space "Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru" (original title) Stars: Keizô Kawasaki, Toyomi Karita, Bin Yagisawa ~ Director: Koji Shima (Won 3 awards at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival