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  • Jeanette Rosas

    Bowling for math facts. Great math center idea.

  • Trefor Jones

    Good math game for quick math facts.

  • Belle Seabreeze

    Today during math stations, the kids went bowling for addition facts...without the real pins and bowling balls, but still pretty fun! This is a partner game, and each player gets a bowling mat and a handful of colorful chips (I call them mini bowling balls). The players take turns rolling 2 dice, then adding the sums of the numbers rolled. When one of the players rolls a number found on one of their pins, they "knock over" that pin with a chip. The first player to have all pins knocked over wins the game!

  • Mary Korty

    Maybe use with multiplication facts instead??? The children roll dice and add up the numbers, if the sum equals the number on the bowling pin, they "knock" it down. The first child to knock all the bowling pins down wins!

  • Carrie Moeggenberg

    Cute math station game for 4th grade I would switch to multiplication facts

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