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Marc Doty of Bob Moog Foundation shows capabilities of the Minimoog in this video from his AutomaticGainsay YouTube channel.

Google Doodle How To | Moog Music Inc }:{ Google has crafted another interactive homepage doodle, this one honoring the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, considered by many to be a pioneer in the electronic music space. The playable doodle features his signature Moog synthesizer, with all the accompanying bells and whistles. A quick-start guide on provides details on how to play the doodle, which also allows users to record their creations and share them with friends.

The Internet: A Warning From History //'The Internet Is Destroying Your Life' -- Love, The Future [VIDEO]

The Irish Consumer's Digital Behaviour Has Changed For Good | Video Infographic }:{ Although this creation is from across the pond, it is a well done graphic well worth adding to my social current see.

If Linkedin had been invented in the '80s... :What if #SocialMedia were invented in the 80s [Abduzeedo]

imagine bob dylan, tom petty, george harrison, and roy orbison, jeff lynne and jim keltner - in one band! whoa!