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  • Keyairis Henry

    #keepca... #Rum #food #JohnnyDepp

  • Julia Rossano

    Just to make sure - we're all hearing this with Johnny Depp's voice, right? I just love Pirates of the Carribean quotes!

  • Rhonda Zarkis

    #Disney #PiratesOfTheCaribbean #JackSparrow #CaptainJackSparrow #KeepCalm #Words #Quotes #Sayings #Phrases

  • Black Betty

    lol, thanks captain jack sparrow for this fabulous quote for drunks to screech! Pirates of the caribbean

  • Mary Grain

    SQUEEEEEEEE. Thank god. This "Keep calm" sign has been bugging the hell out of me. I'm glad someone did something about it! Plus... it makes me think of Jack! #Jacksparrow

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Captain Jack Sparrow on board ship, movie commentaries. Pirate, swan. A chance to to do the right thing, I like to wave them as they pass by. Ha ha.

Bhahaha... Never get tired of waving at them

I find that I STILL say this frequently! Funny how some things just "stick"

Madness and brilliance always go hand in hand, because without being a little mad, you cannot be brilliant! 😉😘 My own words... Geez, I can be so wise sometimes. Lol

LoL, ahaha, Captain Jack and the movie Harry Potter (say it with an accent, it's more fun)

i love captain jack sparrow :) I just watched this movie tonight

Love it ! I literally laughed out loud. I love The Pirates Of The Carribean!!

Whenever the Mythbusters "bust" a Pirates myth, I just say, "They aren't Jack Sparrow."

Real magic -- Johnny Depp. this little girl is adorable!!! and i'm extremely jealous of her o.o