• Marite Dh

    So, so true. Happiness = bookstore AND a doxie!

  • Holly Howell

    We ❤ everything about BOOKS at HOLLY'S TRADING POST: Book reviews, Book quotes, Book related games, Book facts, and selling used Books. If you ❤ books, too, join us! click on link below... www.facebook.com/hollystradingpost

  • Olywordsmith

    Truth. I part with my dollars in bookstores.

  • Jenny Robinson

    Not a book worth reading, but a sentiment worth sharing.

  • Lauren Humphrey

    That is the life lesson for people who say money can't buy happiness

  • jendlo

    "Whoever said money can't buy happiness has obviously never been inside a bookstore."

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This made me laugh with the humor and truth of it.

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