Take this picture :)

Great pic

baby picture ideas

newborn photography ideas (if it's a girl)

cute shot.

Cute bubble bath photo shoot! Maybe for pics in the boys bathroom?

Cute holiday picture idea

flying! - what a cute idea! Must do with the kiddos!

kokokoKIDS: Children & Family Photo Ideas

Great idea to photograph a baby. Use a black background and put the baby on a mirror.

omg this is adorable! !

so sweet

Ideas for taking really unique and memorable photos!

Janell Corrine Photography | Metro Detroit, MI | Portraits 2013 | 9 months old | Mirror Reflection

cute photo idea

cute photo ideas

3 month photo session www.desireeniumata.com

Great photo idea! (Especially since that's my daughter's name) :D

Love this pic!!!!

newborn pic.

Not as simple as it looks- beautiful mom, gorgeous hair and perfect position! Now let's look at the perfect lighting!