Attend the Olympics.



Olympic Rings


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Olympic Rings - London 2012

More like BE IN the Olympics, but i could go for watching them as well.

2012 summer olympics!

Clara Hughes. The only athlete in the 114-year history of the modern day Olympics ever to win multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. And she's Canadian!

Paris-Someday I will visit!

2012: London Olympics

Tara Lipinski. At the age of 15, she won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and remains the youngest individual gold medalist in the history of the Olympic Winter Games :))

Winter Olympics

first marathon in the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, 1896

1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Awesome experience

WHAT IF: Lehigh Valley Hosted the 2024 Summer Olympics

Looking to hit the powder? If so, these nine snowboarding tips are for you! If not, check them out anywho so that you're a snowboarding pro for the Olympics!