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Line dry my sheets...yes, please!

1940/50s housewife hanging up the laundry

Laundry day chat

Hanging The Clothes Art par Mildred Lyon Hetherington sur

Clothes always came out a bit crisp, but smelling fresh!

line dried linens

washing clothes

Winter- in my opinion the best time to hang clothes

smell of fresh laundry on the line

Laundry Day

Hanging dolls clothes on a clothesline, c. 1890.

laundry day...

Wash Day

Monday was always wash day at our house when I was growing up! Old wringer washer and clothes hung on the line. Ummm fresh smell...

Now, imagine the washing done by hand... | Circa 1900-1910. "Yard of tenement, New York City." Hung out to dry somewhere in Manhattan. Detroit Publishing Company glass negative.

I remember clothes pins left on a line. My mother always gathered them along with the dried laundered clothes, but they hug on a neighbor's and line looked like those in this photo. I always wanted to gather and dry them for her but I was too small to reach the line.

I love pictures of wash lines. I hate hanging wash out on a line but I love pictures of it.



I must have retractable clotheslines! Must!

Laundry Day

Washing drying in the garden