Tips for sewing knits. Must. Remember.

Tension tips - I've been looking for this all my life, I think :) - This will be so helpful!

what each stitch does, good to know

Sewing tutorial: Binding hems with knit fabric

Me Sew Crazy: END 'Knit Wavy Seam Syndrome'...

Tips for sewing with knits

Sewing with knits can be a challenge but Stay Tape will help keep things all lined up! Quick Tip by The Sewing Loft #sewingtip #sewing

Sewing with knits

Sewing & Crafting Storage Cube. The best part are the two rods that can hold #yarn or ribbon @TamiPolson

.what an idea.....if only I could get enough energy and motivation to actually do..

Use recycled bags for sewing tricky fabrics.

Sewing Tips: Gathering and Sewing With Knits: sewing with knits is a little different...explained in this tutorial.

Perfect topstitching without an ugly backstitch. Handy little tip!

Knit Neckline Binding Tips

40 sewing tricks you should know! -

tips for sewing with knits

How to Cut Knit Fabric - Tilly and the Buttons

Finding Your Feet: sewing machine feet and their uses This is amazing,you can learn everything about the different feet for your sewing machine and their uses,

Stuffed Sewing Machine

Learn how this simple household staple is a powerhouse in the sewing room. Ways to use Freezer Paper in the Workroom - The Sewing Loft