Each year Santa sends a new Christmas Book to read before bed on Christmas Eve. -Love this tradition.

Christmas Eve box: New pjs, a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie, etc.

Drawstring bags with a stenciled name- gifts from Santa....wish I started that a long time ago

Kids' Christmas list in an ornament with the year. It would be so cool to go back and see what the children asked for years ago. Absolutely love this idea!

I just love Christmas! The shopping, the snow, the music… it’s one of my favorite times of year. (I start listening to Christmas music in October – that’s how much I like the holiday season!) Every year I like to include a few new family activities to our holiday celebrations. This year I thought it …

What a great tradition to start.... Have family put money in mason jar throughout year. At Christmas time, choose someone to bless (anonymously). On Christmas eve, deliver by Ring and Run. Must read the book "The Christmas Jar" it explains how it all started.

Christmas Eve surprise box tradition

Oh What Fun!: Christmas Traditions For Kids From 1 To 92

Put together a Christmas Eve Box for kids to open- such a fun family tradition!

Santa's footprints. Baking soda+glitter. A way to make Christmas morning a bit more magical and maybe make a 6-year old believe a little bit longer ... just a little longer.

Simplify gift giving at Christmas by giving each kid 1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, 1 thing to wear and 1 thing to read. Eliminates the excessive gifts!

Previous pinner says: As a kid, on Christmas eve we were allowed to open 1 present, which was always pjs :) now that I'm a mom I carry on the tradition, wish I'd had this book to go along with it…The Pajama Elves Story – a Christmas Eve Tradition where elves deliver magical pajamas to good girls and boys that help them sleep soundly on Christmas Eve.(where has the story been all my life??) | best stuff

Elf Donuts [made out of Cherrios and put out with Santa cookies]

25 Christmas books...read your children a different book each night. Wrap them each year and put them in a basket by the tree and let the kids pick out a book to reach each night... Would love to do this when we have kids...

Kids crafts for Christmas

Free Printable Santa Letterhead - so darn cute

Christmas card books

Send with a plate of cookies for a great gift to grandparents

Grinch Dinner...must do this. maybe Christmas eve??

So crazy, while we were at Walgreens earlier I told the kids we shoud do this for Xmas cards, now I see it on Pinterest. Love this idea for making our own cards to give to family instead of buying something already made. Too cute! Thumbprint Christmas Craft

Christmas Eve Pizza Party!