A Modern Way to Display Pressed Botanicals//shane powers

A Modern Way to Display Pressed Botanicals. Start by gathering some dried flowers or leaves. Next gather 2 clear panes of glass and clean them well. Arrange your plant material as you would display it and dab a wee bit of white glue to keep the pieces in place. Add second glass pane to the back of the first, sandwiching in the plants, and use friction tape or binder clips to secure it.

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A Wall of Beach and Sea Memories in Frames I love seeing how people organize and display their beach memories; thus the category Memory Keeping under Popular Crafts/DIY!

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Pressing Flowers, Part 2


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Using the microwave to press flowers

Frame by Moebe I wonder if you could just press flowers in-between glass like this?

Pressed Botanical Specimens: pressed plants diy, would love these in my future apartment!

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how to press flowers botanicals - http://apairandasparediy.com/2013/08/how-to-press-botanicals.html

How to Make Botanical Jewelry and Bookmarks with Pressed Flowers and Resin. perky z krit.ivice a kvetov. Please Follow Us @ http://diygods.com/ #diy #jewelry #pinterest

Leaf Hammering- Imprint stationary from your garden. A Must Try

In Russian, but great pix to do raised impressions on clay with dried flowers, etc.

make fruit and veggie prints - Chicago Botanic

Flower Pounding: Printing Fabric with Natural Elements - Garden Therapy

Origami Instructions: Carambola (Carmen Sprung)

tissue circles as pretty wrapping

Origami Leaves