wildflower smudgesticks/botanicals folklorica

DIY sage bundles/ smudge sticks. Make several to give keep and use when you've had bad company or need to sage a new home.

Large healing sacred sage smudge stick with roses, lavender, rosemary wrapped in sparkled floss with lots of love

collecting pine resin (for making incense, pitch, natural wood finish, and lots of other uses)

Fresh rosemary and lavender wreath

beautiful smudge stick

Herbal Sleep & Dream Pillows

Herbs: #Smudging ~ how to do it...and how it works.

Faerie Sight Box Kit by MoveWithTheMoon on Etsy, $92.00

Slice off a sweet piece of this botanical #DIY!

Making Smudge Feather | Smudge Fan- Growing From Within- Sacred Smudge Fan with Chrysicolla ...

Full Moon incense

Woodland Labels

3 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Spring | Free People Blog #freepeople

101 Magickal HERBS KIT Wiccan Pagan Brew Potion Magickal


Rifle Paper Bouquets #craft #paper #flowers

Ritual::Journaling with Spirit Guides — Sounds great for a book of shadows!

DIY Fairy Terrariums via evermine (CE)