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    DIY: coconut oil deodorant #beauty #diydeodorant

  • c brooke

    DIY: all natural homemade deodorant. Mix 1/2 cup arrowroot starch and 1/3 cup baking soda with 5 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils in choice of scent. Pack thickened paste into an empty deodorant container or sealed jar. Use sparingly, rubbing into skin with fingertips for best absorption.

  • Emily Bussey

    DIY: coconut oil deodorant, it really works and a lot of the natural stuff doesn't work for me or makes me break out. Use 1/2 cup arrowroot powder (or cornstarch), 1/3 cup baking soda, 3 T coconut oil, and choice of EO. (2:1 lavender to lemon is great) P.S. I like a to add a bitof Vegetable Glycerin for a smoother feel.

  • Mary Zafiris

    diy deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder and essential oil

  • Bexy Lynn

    Homemade Coconut Deodorant - A Super Easy DIY with All Natural Ingredients - Kick the Chemicals with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Arrow Root or Cornstarch and Essential Oils

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DIY Deodorant With Coconut Oil Ingredients: 1/3 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of arrow root, 5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 5-10 drops of essential oils

This is the best coconut oil homemade deodorant ever: simple to make, will help you with irritation and will leave your skin soft. Enjoy! | See more about coconut oil, coconut oil deodorant and baking soda.

Coconut Oil Deodorant: coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, and an essential oil for scent.

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Homemade Deodorant Using Coconut Oil - Cut the amount of Baking soda down to 1/3 of the amount it say, subbing in the rest with arrowroot and/or cornstarch to avoid irritation of the skin and/or sensitization over time.

skip putting chemicals and aluminum (that's been linked to breast cancer) in your pits that can throw your body off its natural balance. go make this natural deodorant. easy & cheap to throw together! - it actually works, seriously.

DIY: coconut lime deodorant

Handmade deodorant: 3 tablespoons baking soda 3 tablespoons arrowroot powder 3 tablespoons melted coconut oil (I used virgin, because it smells nice with lemongrass) 1 tablespoon witch hazel 10 (give or take) drops lemongrass oil

The Easiest Natural Deodorant Recipe 6 tablespoons of coconut oil 1/4 cup of baking soda 1/4 cup of arrowroot or cornstarch (depending on your preferences) your favorite essential oil

  • Nancy A

    Should the coconut oil be melted first?

  • Lara Darlington

    It'll probably be easier to mix up that way when you're putting it together so I'd say yes.

  • ConC Walters

    The first time I made this I melted the oil first and noticed that the powders settled some. I stirred it once it hardened a bit and am pretty sure that fixed it. Just to be sure I'm not going to melt it going forward, I'll just mix it together with a fork or something.

homemade deodorant with 3 ingredients... baking soda, arrowroot powder and coconut oil. you can add your choice of essential oils. I just made a batch of this and it feels great, smells good and no pastey white stuff under your arms either!

I have been making my own Coconut Oil Deodorant for about a year now - just three ingredients. As soon as my body sweated out all the junk from the store-bought stuff (took about a week) I almost don't sweat at all. Love it!