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A Guide to Urban Foraging: Plants to Look For

Something pretty and edible to grow in the garden

A Survivalist's Guide to Eating in the Wilderness #Infographic #Survival #Food

The common cattail (typha latifolia) is one of the first of the wild edible plants that all hikers should familiarize themselves with. It not only has several edible parts, but there is some part of the plant that can be harvested for food during any season. In addition, it has other uses as well.

Wild Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest http://northernbushcraft.com/plants/index.htm

Hey! You never know when you might need this! Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants

Every skill or discipline has a set of "hidden rules."  The rules that aren't taught in the text books. Despite that, these rules provide crucial insights.  Inside information that can radically im...

Surviving in the Wild: 19 Common Edible Plants - A photo primer on 19 common edible wild plants. Also check out the SAS Survival Handbook and the U.S. Army Survival Manual.

A handy vegetable planting calendar and useful guide to growing vegetables for beginners, perfect for those new to vegetable gardening & allotment holders!

Indoor EDIBLE plants that are actually easy to grow.

10 edible and poisonous mushrooms and a guide to identifying mushrooms.

Urban Farm Mag - not companion plants..

“Must Know” Rules When Picking Edible & Medicinal Plants | How to identify edible plants, guides and tips we all need to know! #pioneersettler | pioneersettler.com

Adding flowers to your vegetable garden isn't just pretty, it's smart! There are many flowers with properties that act as a deterrent too many vegetable garden pests. Nasturtiums, Marigolds, Borage, Petunias, and Chrysanthemums.

Think you can't veggie garden year round? Think again -- these tips year round veggie gardening tips will keep you in harvesting all 12 months.

Edible flowers. Use them to add flavor and color to your vegan dishes!

When To Plant Vegetables ! Free Printable Guide ! An Amazing Resource !

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If you're in a survival situation and you don't have a book on local edible plants, there is a test you can perform to give yourself a good shot at eating the right thing. It's called the universal edibility test, and we'll cover it in this article.

Pineapple-weed (Matricaria Discoidea) in Manitoba