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  • Amanda Jane

    edible flowers and lots of ideas for uses

  • Ilaria Malagutti

    Edible flowers, fiori commestibili, piante commestibili, garden, herbs, You knew they were beautiful, but did you know that you could eat some of your favorite flowers?

  • Louise V.

    Edible Beauties: A Guide to Edible Flowers

  • Tiffany Neptune

    A beautiful and informative illustrated guide to edible flowers created by Heather Diane of Illustrated Bites.

  • Deborah Abney

    Flower Chart {Edible ones}: Keep it organic--YUM! "D'ebbie. edible flower guide

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Illustrated guide to edible flowers - not only are these beautiful but tasty too! Another way to enjoy these blooms from your garden. | The Micro Gardener

These are all great to eat, but you want to make sure they aren't covered in chemicals, if you get them from a florist tell them in advance you want edible flowers so they can order them for you. ~cjc

Plant a garden that's a treat for the nose, eyes, AND mouth with these edible flowers.

Didn't know impatiens were edible // Definately double checking these. FYI Flowers are generally the least toxic part of even a toxic plant (example: Wisteria) but that doesn't mean I'd want to eat them in any real quantity. Oh, and don't trust a Google search. :) As though the internet never lies...

The SPRING FLOWER POT: LAVENDER custard, bee pollen crumble, rhubarb and edible flowers.

I will eat all of these as soon as I can source them without a load of pesticides because they are pretty delicate to rinse

Edible flowers. Use them to add flavor and color to your vegan dishes!

edible flowers - I'd like to find a much broader list, but this is a good start