Homemade Violet Elixir Recipe on Dandelion Revolution Blog

Homemade Cough Syrup… or aka Snakejuice The milk man's wife shares her Amish recipe for homemade cough syrup. You can make a whole gallon and then you will have plenty for a long time. 3 lemons 3 onions jar of honey (8oz) 1 bottle (pint blackberry brandy& 1pint bottle peppermint schnapps layer onion & lemon pour all liquids over seal in tight jar...steep this will keep over a year...

Flower jelly made from violets and dandelions!! My sister made both kinds last summer and they were DELICIOUS. I'm making a batch of dandelion right now. :) Happy flower picking!

Adaptogenic Homemade Sports Drink with Electrolytes

Pickled radishes. cookieandkate.com 1 bunch radishes ¾ c white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar ¾ c water 3 T honey or maple syrup 2 t salt ½ -1 t red pepper flakes (opt) ½ t whole mustard seeds (opt) Optional: garlic cloves, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, coriander seeds

How to turn wild violets into a delicately flavored natural syrup for drinks, desserts and candies.

How to Make Dandelion Wine and Dandelion Cookies

Immortalizing Spring ~ Homemade Violet Elixir Recipe on Dandelion Revolution Blog

violet elixir - immortalizing spring from dandelion revolution

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How to make your own homemade coffee syrup. With four great recipes to get you started! A wonderful idea for a Christmas gift! homemade coffee syrup recipe

Homemade Vitamin Waters. Different recipes for different purposes. - so cool!

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