Homemade Violet Elixir Recipe on Dandelion Revolution Blog

Homemade limoncello. Christmas presents?

homemade pear liqueur http://userealbutter.com/2011/09/30/pear-liqueur-and-pear-garden-cocktail-recipe/?utm_source=feedburner_medium=feed_campaign=Feed%3A+userealbutter+%28use+real+butter%29

Immortalizing Spring ~ Homemade Violet Elixir Recipe on Dandelion Revolution Blog

How to make Dandelion Wine

dandelion root coffee - Dandelion is a fantastic liver cleanser and spring is the perfect season for liver support.

How to Make Dandelion Wine and Dandelion Cookies

Homemade jelly made from springtime violets. (yummy, tastes grape-ish!)

Homemade Dandelion Tea - for heartburn, PMS, cramps, energy booster, constipation, detoxing, liver disorders, high bloodpressure, & to drop water weight

Homemade Dandelion Vinegar — How to Make it, How to Use it

Homemade Elderberry Syrup Recipe Ingredients

Homemade Elderberry Gummies: Vitamin C Treats at Naturally Mindful

Wild Violet Syrup. Next spring when the violets come up in my garden, I will definitely be making this. Hmmm. Could even be a homemade liqueur, with the addition of vodka.

Homemade Pear Liqueur. Liqueur infused with the essence of pear.

Homemade Kahlua

Easy Homesteading: Homemade Orange Gatorade recipe So much better for you than the chemicals in Gatorade!

dandelion & green apple syrup

A Polish blog with translation button for English. Violet jelly and jam recipes, violet cake, violet sugar and many more recipes made with violet flowers

Homemade Almond Milk Coffee Creamer (low-carb, paleo), recipe suitable for the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge!