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    foraging honeysuckle for cordial by Beth Kirby | {local milk}

    DIY Cayenne Salve for Pain Relief

    Edibles 101 // Wild Carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace) // Includes a recipe for wild carrot cake.

    23 Ways to Use Chamomile - Herbal Academy blog

    love these!

    Awesome idea and gorgeous too!

    blackbery sage champagne cocktails

    DIY Superfood Greens Supplement Powder for smoothies -- Joybilee Farm

    Winter Medicine - Evergreen Syrup

    Mullein, Cedar and Tangerine Peel: Simple Tea for the Lungs. Herbal medicine you can harvest and make yourself. // dandelion revolution blog //

    Herbal medicine is time and space medicine… I love knowing where my herbs came from, who harvested them, what the plants looked like when they were picked, and what the clouds looked like in the sky. // Dandelion Revolution Blog //

    10 Edible Spring Weeds: chick weed- curly/yellow dock- dandelion- lamb's quarters or white goosefoot- mallow- miner's lettuce- mustard- stinging nettle- violet- wood sorrel IN The Kitchn

    Homemade herb firestarter with natural bug repellents #Summer

    A new take on 'After Dinner Mints'.

    Linden/Lime tree/Basswood: How to forage and how to use the leaves, flowers and seeds. And why to get married under a linden tree :)

    Oh, the Dandelion. It's more than just an annoying weed.

    Lavender drying at Woodinville Lavender Farm | Washington State

    Garden Tea. Fresh + dried herbs combine for the perfect summer time tea. /// Fall into Place blog. ///

    Homemade rose elixir. Use the most fragrant roses you can find to make a dreamy medicinal elixir. Great for applying to burns, mixing in cocktails or spritzers, or simply sipping in water for a heart-opening, calming, cooling drink. /// Fall into Place blog. ///

    Mullein can also be using for dying. KingdomPlantae states that, “The flowers make a bright yellow dye, which can be used to dye hair or cloth. The addition of sulfuric acid will produce a color-fast green. If you then add an alkali, to raise the Ph, the dye becomes brown.”

    Glycerites are sweet herbal tinctures which use vegetable glycerin to extract the medicinal constituents and flavor from an herb.

    Collect herbs

    Samhain Sleep Protection Pouches - this is an awesome idea for any time of year