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    • Juliana Nogueira

      palavras do brasileirinho chico bento. Por Mauricio de Souza #VetaTudoDilma


      Maurício de Sousa e seu personagem Chico Bento entraram na campanha "Veta, Dilma"

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    Well, hello beautiful.

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    Animais Extintos nos últimos 100 anos

    Abutre-barbudo (Gypaetus barbatus) encontrado na África, Europa e na Ásia. Espécie quase ameaçada de extinção segundo a IUCN

    A vida mais sustentável...

    Do you want to find out why? #shampoo #beauty #tips

    The #tiger is the soul of the Indian forest - with feline grace and a heart-stopping roar. However, this wonderful big #cat continues to be threatened by habitat loss, poaching and conflict with humans. Click on this fabulous #ad to help save the #king.

    Extinction is a real threat, are you willing to let it happen? #amazing #movie #ad

    "Stop one. Stop them all." A fantastic #ad by Leo Burnett, Sydney, Australia

    A fantastic #ad to promote the use of renewable energy sources. Find out more about our work:

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    #WWF - Make a Stand.




    #WWF - If You Order Bluefin Tuna, You Can Forget About Proper Table Etiquette. Since You're Killing off an Entire Specier, Who Cares Wich Fork You Do it With.

    #WWF - What Would you Like Served With Your Coral Trout? Cipollini Onions, Blue Potatoes, or Just palin Social Stigma.

    #WWF - There are Only Two Ways to Order Chilean Seabass. One Declares you a Cognoscente, The Other Will Embarrass You.

    #WWF - When You Eat a Bowl of Shark Fin Soup, You Consume Only 40 Grams of the Fish. How Will You Ever Swallow the Remaining 400 Kilos os Discarded Shark?

    #WWF - Extinction Can't be Fixed

    #WWF - Extinction Can't be Fixed

    #WWF - Extinction Can't be Fixed

    #WWF - Reflect on your actions.

    #WWF - Reflect on your actions.

    #WWF - Reflect on your actions.