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Swing Dancing ~ I will learn to dance it some day. As in "you can dance like somebody's watching, because you are good enough to not feel like a clumsy goof".

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance." Can you imagine if people still danced like this? I would definitely go out more often

Gregory Hines - began tapping at three. An avid improvisator of tap steps, tap sounds, and tap rhythms. "He purposely obliterated the tempos, throwing down a cascade of taps like pebbles across the floor. In those moments he aligned tap with the latest free-form experiments in jazz and new music and postmodern dance." Responsible for National Tap Dance Day. Died in 2003 at 57 of liver cancer.

Katherine Dunham in a publicity still for Life, with an image drawn from her choreography for Barrel House Blues 1943

Tango (is there any thing sexier that this dance done well? i think not) Performing all the dance steps on one square rug.