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@Nicole Steiger and @Rebecca Rupke how about this instead of an ice igloo?

Another reason I need a two story house in the future..

Artist Alicia Martin's tornado of books shoot out a window like a burst of water from a giant hose. The sculptural installation at Casa de America, Madrid depicts a cavalcade of books streaming out of the side of a building. The whirlwind of literature defies gravity and draws attention with its grandeur size. There have been three site-specific installations, thus far, of the massive sculptural works in this series known as Biografias, that each feature approximately 5,000 books.



Book Paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova painting installation collage books


book bedding


book shelves

book igloo

The Joy Of Books - Amazing video.

Books every woman in her mid-20s should read - This looks amazing!


Aaron T. Stephan -- books as art media

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so. awesome.


More books to read based on books you've already read!

Sitting on a best-seller list.