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Saatchi Online Artist: Alex Diamond; Watercolor, 2012, Painting "red and blue spiral"

#blue #art #movement #transparence #arty #capturcall

It would appear that all forms of life, from spirit, lower in frequency as a mean to manifest and crystallize into the third dimension or physical realm. Then as they become more complex organisms their frequency increase aspiring to the golden ratio!

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#ToroidalBlueprint That which defines and underpins all structure, both at the atomic and planetary level is the hyper-dynamic, self organising smoke-ring-form of torus, the Blueprint of all Life and Involution. --Jain 108 Mathemagics

Leapfroging men, photo Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904), from Animal Locomotion. Calotype. US, 1887.

Bladstanden / Sacred Geometry <3 :: your mind is sharp and never at rest Aquarius.